Site Name: Wiki Educator


Owner/Authorship: Sir John Daniel - President and CEO of the Commonwealth of Learning

Type of Resource: mainly text-based, some infused multimedia page with myriad of educational links

Description: WikiEducator is a website that provides free eLearning content.  On this site educators and all other users are free to add, edit, remove, and change educational content located within the website.  This collaborative resource site provides free content, allows educators to post and plan projects, and complete other additional activities.

Uses/Usefulness: This website would be extremely useful to educators in all subject areas.  For social studies teachers, this site would be very useful as educators could create a classroom page using this web service.  "On WikiEducator (, teachers from many countries have come together to author over 16,000 course modules," as pointed out in a recent journal article about the website (Schmidt, et al 2009).  In this case, a social studies teacher could create a working account, add course content information to the website, hold student forums on the page, use the site information as a course textbook or supplemental reading document, and use the site for other useful classroom activities.  This is an open-ended method for teachers to post information relevant to the courses they are teaching, and for students to use as an alternative source of information, along with providing a place for more student-teacher interaction to take place. 

Quality: This website has a nice color scheme, an excellent general layout, and provides ample links to other websites and relevant sources on the web.  

Point of view/Bias: This site can have an immense amount of bias - this is solely based on he point of view or bias held by the teacher and site creator/operator toward a certain aspect of the page (or of their curriculum).  

Referral to other sources: Links to other collaborative websites, creative commons pages.  

Verifiability: Links.

Currency: Updated daily (depends on the individual sites).  

Accessibility: WAVE ( reports 8 accessibility errors - empty link, images missing alt text.

Sources Cited:  Schmidt, J.P., Geith, C., Haklev, S., & Thierstein, J. (2009). Peer-to-peer recognition of learning in open education. The international review of research in open and distance learning, 10 (5). Retrieved from