Teacher Tube

Site Name: Teacher Tube

URL: http://www1.teachertube.com/

Owner/Authorship: Jason Smith - educator, administrator (helped by wife Jodie)

Type of Resource: TeacherTube is an online, multimedia-based website.  The site contains thousands of self-created video, audio, and other multimedia clips (along with documents) teachers can use to supplement their instructional practices.  

Description: This website contains thousands of useful videos, audio clips, photographs, documents, and other valuable resources for educators to use in order to enhance their instruction.  The majority of the multimedia located on the site were created by teachers all across the country to use in their own classrooms.  TeacherTube allows users to join the site for free and upload their own multimedia creations.

Uses/Usefulness:  This website could be extremely useful to a social studies educator, as it contains thousands of relevant video, audio, and other multimedia sources that can be used to supplement social studies instruction.  Teachers predominantly use this website to search for videos to use in their classroom that will enhance their students' understanding of various concepts, events, and trends throughout history.  The real usefulness of this site is in the collaborative nature of the site itself.  In addition finding videos to use in their respective classrooms, teachers have the option to join the site and upload their own videos for personal use, and for fellow collaborative teachers to use in their classrooms.  In a recent study cited at the "Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference," several pre-service science teachers enhanced their professional development training by engaging in activities related to TeacherTube (Hoban, et al 2009).  By uploading video files to this site, teachers can also provide their students with additional resources to use while they are learning the content material in their respective social studies classes.  These video and audio files can be used to enhance student learning, and the site can be used by students to post videos they created for class projects.  Overall, this is a great site that I have even used in my own classroom (teaching U.S. states and capitals to 7th Grade Geography students, I used the Animaniacs video and song about learning the states and capitals, and my students seemed to enjoy it).

Quality: The quality of TeacherTube is decent.  The site is not very fancy in its overall layout, but the layout and color schemes provided make it an efficient site that is easily navigated by its users.  Advertisements and ad videos can make navigating a pain at times.  

Point of view/Bias: If a multimedia file created by an accredited source is posted, then limited bias exists.  However, since most files are uploaded by educators themselves, then bias can depend on the personal views and feelings of the creators of the files.  

Referral to other sources: Links to other multimedia pages, education websites, etc.

Verifiability: Links

Currency: Updated daily.  

Accessibility: WAVE (http://wave.webaim.org/) reports 394 accessibility errors - form labels missing, empty links, countless missing alt texts, linked image missing alt texts.   

Sources Cited: Hoban, G. F., Macdonald, D. C. & Ferry, B. (2009). Improving preservice teachers' science knowledge by creating, reviewing and publishing slowmations to TeacherTube. SITE 2009 - Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference (pp. 3133-3140). Chesapeake, USA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education. Retrieved from http://ro.uow.edu.au/edupapers/109/ .