Social Studies for Kids

Site Name: Social Studies for Kids


Owner/Authorship: David White (tutor, educational professional, and publisher)

Type of Resource: General text-based website containing document-based information pages, limited multimedia with scattered graphics.

Description: Social Studies for Kids is an educational website created by educator David White.  This website contains an ample amount of links and pages that specifically explain concepts related to social studies.  The page is broken down into sections such as Geography, Maps (both modern and historical), Economics, Government, U.S. States, Book Reviews, and includes a Fun and Games section.  This site ultimately provides supplemental information to people who are looking to increase their knowledge base and learn more about a particular subject in the overarching field of social studies. 

Uses/Usefulness: Social Studies for Kids would be of some value to social studies educators.  Educators looking for supplemental information to use in conjunction with their units of curriculum would find this website somewhat useful.  The depth of knowledge is not immense on this site, but it does provide basic information to support instructional practices.  This site would be much more beneficial to a social studies student looking to enhance their own knowledge of particular social studies subjects.  The site is easy to navigate and would be beneficial to social studies students looking to prepare for quizzes, exams, and other forms of assessment in their social studies classes.

Quality:  The quality of the website is decent in nature - it provides ample links to other social studies-based sites, allows its visitors to navigate the site easily, and has decent levels of information for knowledge enhancement.  The quality is nowhere near the quality of other related sites, and the frequent number of advertisements interspersed throughout the page are distracting and ultimately make it difficult to navigate at times.

Point of view/Bias: Limited - based on individual stories, pages, etc.

Referral to other sources: Links to other social studies sites - games, information, research sites.

Verifiability: Links

Currency: Updated daily with "Current Events" and "This Week In History" sections, while other information-based sections are updated rarely.  

Accessibility: WAVE ( reports 27 accessibility errors - form label missing, linked image missing alt text, image map areas missing alt text.