Sheppard Software

Site Name: Sheppard Software


Owner/Authorship: Brad Sheppard (founder of Sheppard Software Company in 1982)

Type of Resource: Multimedia-based resource with graphic-based educational games.

Description: Sheppard Software is a website containing hundreds of educational games for students to play.  The games include sound and visual effects to keep the site viewers interested in their learning.  All games include various levels of difficulty that help foster student mastery in various subjects.  Games are available for play in subjects such as math, history, geography, science, health, painting, earth science, and more.  The site contains games based on school level as well - kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, and even college.  Ultimately, the site offers its viewers with a multitude of educational games to play in a variety of subject areas.

Uses/Usefulness: This website would be extremely useful to a social studies educator who is looking to supplement their instructional practices.  An educational game website such as this is perfect for teachers looking for a variety of ways to assess their students.  This is very beneficial for students who are looking to sharpen their knowledge base in a certain subject before an upcoming test.  I have used this site with my middle school geography students in the past.  In my classes I taught a unit on each continent in the world, and at some point during each individual unit, I would test the students on their knowledge of the geography of the region.  Under the "World Geography" section of the website, there are tests/games available for play that cover each of the seven continents of the world, in addition to more narrowed games about United States, Canadian, and Mexican geography.  The real benefit of the site is that for each area of the world, there are at least nine levels of testing difficulty.  In this case, students can improve their overall skill level and knowledge base of geography, and can choose an appropriate level to begin their testing.  Ultimately, this is a great test-prep site for teachers to use with their classes, and for students to use on their own when refreshing their knowledge base and preparing for an upcoming exam.   

Quality:  Excellent layout, graphics, navigability, and content.  The site is easy to navigate, keeps its viewers interested with its content, and provides supplemental information about each topic.  Only difficulty rests with frequency of ads located on the screen.  

Point of view/Bias: None - games are objective in nature.

Referral to other sources: Links to other game sites, resources, educational links.

Verifiability: Links

Currency: Updated daily with new games.  

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