PowerPoint Palooza

Site Name: PowerPoint Palooza

URL: http://www.pptpalooza.net/

Owner/Authorship: Susan M. Pojer

Type of Resource: This is a predominantly multimedia website that contains hundreds of PowerPoint presentations.

Description: PowerPoint Palooza is a website that collectively holds hundreds of pre-created PowerPoint presentations about various subjects from all disciplines of social studies.  These presentations were authored or coauthored by Susan Pojer, a social studies teacher who started this website, along with other presentations created by students and teachers.  The PowerPoint presentations stored on this website cover various subject of social studies.  Categories include American History, European History, Global Studies, and some sections are organized by suggested use in various classes (ex. AP U.S. History, AP European History, etc.)  The site also provides ample links to other websites concentrating on social studies for both students and teacher use.

Uses/Usefulness: This website would be an extremely valuable tool to social studies teachers who are looking to supplement their instruction.  The site contains a collection of useful PowerPoint presentations covering topics from world wars to the Enlightenment to the American Civil War.  The categorization of the site makes it easily navigable and therefore narrows the search process for visitors to the site.  History teachers looking for the perfect presentation for a particular unit of study would be more than satisfied with both the quality and quantity of presentations located on the main website.  For example, an American History teacher looking to supplement his or her unit on the American Civil War would find at least four excellent presentations covering the war, all focusing on different aspects of the war itself.  Ultimately, this site would be useful to social studies teachers due to the incredible amount of presentations and the ample amount of links to other history websites.  Furthermore, students in social studies classes would find the site to be beneficial as well if they were trying to enhance their knowledge of a particular subject, concept, or era throughout history.

Quality: This website is of decent quality.  It is not up to date in terms of graphics quality, but its layout and color scheme make it easily navigable for its visitors.  

Point of view/Bias: Limited - only exists within each individually-created PowerPoints (based on authors' viewpoints)

Referral to other sources: Links to other teacher websites, PowerPoint storage sites, etc.

Verifiability: Links

Currency: Updated rarely - (yearly, may not have been updated for some time, 2010 is last copyright date).  

Accessibility: WAVE (http://wave.webaim.org/) reports 11 accessibility errors - missing alt texts, linked images missing alt text.