History Today

Site Name:
 History Today

URL: http://www.historytoday.com/

Owner/Authorship: Brendan Bracken (British Minister of Information during WWII), 1951.

Type of Resource: Multimedia, mainly text-based document website containing peer-reviewed historical articles.

Description: History Today is a website that puts all issues of the peer-reviewed journal History Today online.  The site is a subscription site, but trial access can be granted.  This online publication contains themes and elements of modern history and blends them with older historical trends.  The publication is aimed to attract readers of all ages and levels, and to spark intellectual stimulation.  Several of the world's leading historians and scholars contribute to the articles of this publication.  The site includes all articles published in print form of History Today since 1980.        

Uses/Usefulness: The site contains a wide variety of articles across all themes and genres of history.  Its search bar and row of links located near the top of the page make it very easy to use and allows article searches to be more narrow and specific.  The site includes links of "Period," "Location," and "Themes," with several sub-links under each link.  As a result, the user of the page is able to significantly narrow the focus of his or her search for specific articles.  This website would be extremely useful to social studies teachers who are looking to expand the scope and sequence of their curriculum.  The wide variety of article topics serves teachers of all social studies subjects, whether they teach history, government, political science, psychology, economics, etc.  Additionally, this would be a great site for students to use.  An excellent possibility for the application and implementation of this website in schools would be for a school to purchase a subscription for the site, and then students, teachers, parents, and other faculty would have unlimited access to the articles contained in the site.  These articles would assist students with projects, papers, presentations, and other assignments for their respective social studies classes.     

Quality:  Excellent graphics, website layout, design, and an ample supply of links make this a tremendous website for scholarly, academic, and instructional use.  It is easily navigable and the images, graphics, and overall color scheme of the website keeps its visitors constantly interested in the site. 

Point of view/Bias: Limited - depends on the viewpoints, arguments of the author(s) of each specific article.  

Referral to other sources:  Links to other scholarly sites, publications, websites about history.  

Verifiability: Links

Currency: Updated daily - publications are posted every month (12 issues per year).  

Accessibility: WAVE (http://wave.webaim.org/) reports 31 accessibility errors - broken skip navigation link, linked images missing alt text, several empty links.