History of Religions

Site Name: History of Religions (Online Journal via JSTOR)

URL: http://www.jstor.org/page/journal/historyreligions/about.html#desc

Owner/Authorship: The University of Chicago Press (founded in 1961).  

Type of Resource: Online scholarly-reviewed journal of text-based documents.   

Description: History of Religions is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by The University of Chicago Press.  It contains hundreds of scholarly articles that relate to the development, continuation, and impact of world religions throughout history.  The focus of the articles vary significantly, but all attest to the overwhelming impact religion has had on the history of civilization and all of its components (religious laws, governmental policies, political action, economic implications, etc.)

Uses/Usefulness: This scholarly journal would be very useful to social studies teachers, particularly those who teach subjects in history and geography.  As a former middle school geography teacher, I focused a significant amount of my lessons on the impact of religion on culture and society in every continent throughout the world.  As a result, geography teachers like myself would find significant benefit in reviewing articles in this publication.  The articles would offer a more open-ended look at the history of religions, and excerpts could be used in classroom instruction.  Given the advanced reading level and content of the articles in History of Religions, middle school and some high school students would find it difficult to use these texts.  However, professors of advanced placement courses and college level classes would find significant benefit in assigning some of these articles to their respective students as course readings.  

Quality:  The site is not lavish in its design or color scheme, but its layout is succinct and makes the site easily navigable for its users.  

Point of view/Bias: Limited - based on the viewpoints, arguments of the author(s) of the published articles.

Referral to other sources:  Links to other, related publications listed in JSTOR.

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Currency: Updated bi-annually (2 issues published ever year).  

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